12 COOLEST Car GADGETS That Are Worth Buying

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    It’s time to upgrade your car with some really impressive gadgets. We bet you’ve thought of a functional mirror-screen, cool socks and a cleaning tool for your iron steed! And forget about your smartphone – we’ve got something with a light touch of nostalgia.

    0:00​ Introduction
    0:20​ Car Coat Hanger:​
    0:49​ Alexa for Car:​
    1:28​ Car Cleaning Gel:​
    2:13​ Amateur Radio Transceiver:​
    2:56​ LED Car Cup Holder:​
    3:42​ Sideview Camera:​ *​ (alternative)
    4:31​ Car HUD Dual System Head Up Display:​
    5:17​ SUV Tire Chain:​
    Auto-Trac Tire Traction Chain:​
    Snow Car Cover Socks:​
    6:06​ Car and Motorcycle Rear-end Alarm Laser:​ /​
    6:50​ 4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam:​
    7:39​ 3rd Generation USB Borescope:​

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