12 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

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    Long time no see! We’ve got another set of gadgets you need to take a look at! Are you into golf? We’ve got something for you. You need some light? Here it is! Need to tune your guitar? No problem! AS usual, all the links to the products you’ll find in the description below. And let us know in the comments which gadgets you’d like to see in our next video!

    0:00 Introduction
    0:20 Spiritus Aroma Diffuser & Alarm Clock:
    0:57 Elgato Wave Panels:
    1:45 Labyrinth Spinner:… ||
    2:24 Kamikoto JapaneseSteel Knife Set: (sponsored)
    3:44 R2 D2 Desktop Cleaner:…
    4:08 Origami Bottle:
    4:51 Magnetic LED Marker:
    5:12 Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors:
    6:26 AnyConsole:
    7:11 Little Sophia by Hanson Robotics:
    7:55 BOSS TU-02 Clip-On Tuner:
    BOSS TU-05 Clip-On Tuner:
    8:44 Kinetic Driver:

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