13 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Buying

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    Behold, this is another set of gadgets for men! Today’s gadgets are about your safety. Well, not just that, there’s a couple of multitools you might need on an everyday basis. Last but not least, there’s a pair of stylish accessories that’ll match every look.

    0:00 Introduction
    0:21 Varla Eagle One scooter:…
    2:21 CRKT Guppie Multitool:
    2:58 Columbia River Knife & Tool CRKT Emergency Multitool:
    3:29 Titanium “EDC Ink” Pocket & Keychain Pens:
    4:10 Trail Skins Pro S/M/L: // //
    4:57 Dainese Pro-Speed Back Cover:
    5:29 SOG PopGrip Multi-Tool:
    6:05 S.O.L. Survival Tool Kit :
    6:50 Light Olight Perun 2:
    7:37 Sequence Led Watch:
    8:01 Dango M-Series wallets:
    8:51 EverRatchet Keychain Multi-Tool:
    9:25 StatGear 2.0 Multi-Tool:

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