13 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

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    There’s a ton of cool new tech on today’s menu. So we’re about to show you how to turn water energy into music and perform any soldering task easily. And there’s something special for everyone who’s into cyberpunk aesthetics. Plus, some beautiful trippy marbles, just for fun.

    0:00​ Introduction
    0:21​ Desktop 3D Hologram Printer:​
    1:02​ 3D Puzzles:​ ||​ ||​ ||…​
    1:54​ Iron Neck Training Device:​
    2:32​ Galaxy Marbles:​ ||​ ||​ ||​ ||​
    3:15​ The Little Torch Soldering Tool:​
    3:53​ Gita Robot:​
    4:42​ Magilight:​
    5:21​ Car Air Freshener:​
    5:54​ The Cyber Mask:​ ||​
    6:32​ Cyberpunk Samurai Mask:​
    Mask with LED Matrix:​ ||​
    Programmable Mask with Voice Changer:​
    Cyberpunk Mask with Programmable Display:​
    6:43​ Cyberpunk Pocket Exoblade Knife:​
    7:23​ Ampere Hydropower shower speaker:​
    8:00​ Surround Sound Shower Speaker:​ ||​ (alternative)

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