13 COOLEST PC & Mac Accessories That Are Worth Buying

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    It’s time to check out the most mind-blowing PC mods and accessories you can buy right now. Some items will definitely attract all the steampunk fans with their truly unique design . And for the rest, we have the most powerful keyboard-computer and the unparalleled Iron Man mod.

    0:00​ Introduction
    0:21​ Raspberry Pi 400 Computer-Keyboard:​
    0:51​ Ironman MK45 | MSI PRO MOD:…​
    1:37​ Heart PC Build:​
    2:27​ Wireless Gaming Mouse by Razer:​
    3:07​ Tiburn Enterprise Star Trek PC:…​
    3:22​ RedThunder K900 RGB Gaming Keyboard:​
    3:54​ Lamborghini Blue PC Case:​
    4:33​ GAEMS Guardian Pro X:​
    5:18​ ELEGIANT PC Speakers:​ //​
    5:51​ Mclaren PC Case:…​
    6:28​ Cyborg Helmet – JMDF:​
    7:10​ Steampunk Motorized DNA Flash Drive:​
    7:50​ Alien V2 Docking Station:​

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