Galaxy S24

Rumors About The Samsung Galaxy S24: Everything We Know Thus Far

Rumors about the Galaxy S24 are intensifying following the early September unveiling of Apple’s iPhone 15. Agnostics about mobile operating systems, or those who aren’t dedicated to either Apple or Android, might be curious about which premium line will appeal to them the most. Or enthusiasts of the Galaxy S range are keeping a close eye on the leaks and debating whether to replace their outdated phones.

We will provide all the details we know about the new Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, as well as Galaxy S24 Ultra phones, regardless of why you’re here.

Date Of Release And Other Details For Galaxy S24

There are rumors that it will go on sale up to around February of the following year. Check out the release dates of its predecessors:

29th January 2021: Samsung Galaxy S21

25th February 2022: Samsung Galaxy S22

Galaxy S23 from Samsung: February 1, 2023

Galaxy Unpacked on February 1st debuted the Galaxy S23 range; however, a fresh rumor from around South Korean site The Elec casts doubt on the Samsung Galaxy S24’s early February unveiling.

According to the report, Samsung intends to introduce the series at an early date. How much before that? According to reports, the South Korean technology company intends to delay it by a month, thus the next-gen premium phone line may debut in January next year. Before I go into the rumors we’ve been hearing, there is one thing to keep in mind. There haven’t been numerous leaks regarding its price. The Elec claims that Samsung is thinking about dropping the Plus version from its lineup. How come? In short, consumers have a propensity to buy the most expensive or the least expensive model—never the mid-range model.