Apple Maps Have Gotten A Surprising Update

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    Apple Maps comes with a small surprise with Apple’s latest 14.5 iOS update. The update is now only available for public testers as well as developers. The update comes with a brand new feature for reporting hazards, speed cameras, and accidents on the map. It is pretty similar to how Waze does it on every platform. Hence, it is now equipped with newer capabilities that rely on an engine by crowdsourcing. So in the near future, it will be able to warn its users about traffic incidents. 

    Apple Maps may look like it has now come close to what Waze does. But that is not the extent of it. The newest update is just in its earliest days. There have been indications that it could get better. And that some features still require further polishing. For example, when you first open the maps, Siri lets you know about the brand new feature. Then it reveals that there are two ways you can report such an accident. One of them is using voice command with Siri or just swiping up on the application. 

    How To Use Apple Maps New Feature 

    To record incidents, on Apple Maps, one can simply use the “Hey Siri” voice command and further say “there’s an accident.” This leads the assistant to save the accident to your given location. The other way for it is to simply swipe up on the application. This leads to a new button called “Report” that helps you log on to mark either an accident or speed cameras. It is a little more challenging than Waze, but then again, there are several possibilities for further updates. 

    Car Play has also reportedly gotten their hold on the new feature. Hence, reports can also be provided from people’s cars as well. But for now, it is only limited to the three reports above.

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