Disney’s REAL lightsaber looks insane! Here’s how it may work

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    Disney released video of a working lightsaber that will be part of the entertainment at the Star Wars-themed hotel, Galactic Starcruiser. Bridget Carey explains how the company likely pulled off this feat of engineering.

    0:00​ Lightsaber!
    0:23​ Galactic Starcruiser
    0:41​ Flashback
    1:15​ “Real” lightsaber
    1:35​ Carlye interview
    3:00​ Patent
    3:37​ Shopping
    4:39​ Build
    7:30​ Behold
    7:49​ Kid test
    8:27​ For sale?
    8:45​ Where can you find it?
    9:02​ Build your own lightsaber
    9:15​ Conclusion

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