Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s Army Of Inactive Followers Points Towards A Bleak Picture Of X

It has been reported that a large chunk of Elon Musk’s followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, appears to be fake. Or, they are heavily inactive on the platform. Mashable recently put out a detailed analysis of the followers of Musk, which was based on data collected by Travis Brown, a third-party researcher.

Musk’s 153 million followers on the platform make up around a quarter of the 540 million monthly users that Musk claimed the platform had as of late July. And if one were to question the legitimacy of the numbers of the owner of X, his followers make up around half of the monthly active users that the platform stated it had in the months before Musk ended up acquiring the platform. 

Most Of Elon Musk’s Followers Could Be Fake

While the entire report was limited to the followers of Elon Musk, it is quite impossible to not utilize this data in order to look at the platform from a completely different lens. It can also be stated that the high follower count of Musk basically implies that his account is a microcosm of the entire platform. If one were to dig deep into the followers of Musk, they would find that around 42% of Musk’s more than 153 million followers have around 0 followers. Almost 40% have zero tweets that were posted on their account. Close to 40% also follow less than 10 users. 

If Elon Musk’s follower count can be considered to represent X as a whole, then this puts out quite a bleak picture for the platform, and the number of real, active users that the platform boasts of. It has also been mentioned that ever since Musk took over, the ad revenue struggles of the platform have been commented on frequently.