Epic Games Needs An Appear Offline Mode Option

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    The Epic Games Store launched in Dec 2018, and since then, it has become a hot subject of conversation in the PC gaming world. The launcher is at least worthwhile having downloaded for most people, if not just to claim games for free, thanks to an equation that publishes games for free from the Epic Games shopfront every week, the enormous success it has witnessed with the battle to the death Fortnite, and the procurement of now-free-to-play games like Rocket League.

    The Epic Games Store has unfortunately received criticism in the past for acquiring exclusive games before the client was properly optimized, failing to show game statistics on the installation directory, having a launcher that takes a long time to load, and lacking a community.

    An “appear offline” option would be a fine place to start, but it appears like it will take Epic Games a while to surpass the sorts of, Steam, Bethesda Launcher, Origin, and other decent options.

    Epic Games Should Introduce An Incognito Mode

    Through randomly generated game ratings and polls, the Epic Games Store has introduced its own form of user reviews and tags in an effort to steer clear of the review bombing that regularly occurs on Steam.

    Owners of a game who have enjoyed it for more than two hours will receive a random opportunity to rate it on a five-star scale. Players may also be chosen to respond to a brief question about the game in lieu of providing a rating, with the response used to gradually assemble a collection of game tags.

    Examples presented include brief inquiries on whether combat in a specific game was difficult or whether a game is best played with colleagues.

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