Facebook In Talks To Create Instagram For Children Below 13

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    Instagram, one of the subsidiaries owned by another social media giant Facebook, will soon have a version for the kids. That means children under the age of 13 will now have the right to install the Insta! 

    The photo-sharing social media application will soon have a kid-friendly app. It was announced by its parent company on Thursday. It was also reported on by Buzzfeed, the online news website. 

    All of this news comes following Vishal Shah, the Vice President of Instagram, making an internal post that identified “youth as a priority.” 

    Facebook’s Kid-Friendly Instagram Already Attacked By Critics

    Children below 13 are currently not allowed to use the social media application. On Friday, Facebook said that the firm was thinking of trying out an experience that is “parent-controlled.” Last year, Pavni Diwanji joined Facebook after her vast experience with Google. There, she overlooked products that were focused on children. 

    The project under her will also be overseen by Adam Mosseri, the Instagram Head. Sources confirmed this. This comes a little, but as a shock, as it comes after a handful of days, Instagram said that the protection of young people was “important” to them. They also announced new features on Tuesday. It is aimed at the safety of the community’s youngest members. 

    Critics lashed the social media giant Facebook and its new version of photo sharing. They pointed out that the tech firms wanted to earn even more profit off of the personal details of minors. Amnesty Tech’s co-director, Abdul Rahim, called Facebook, a 2.45 billion-user social media platform, the “biggest threat” to the privacy of children. 

    She blamed the firm for ubiquitous surveillance with their latest plan and said it was incompatible with human rights. Rahim wrote about this in a Tweet following the announcement.

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