Foldable iPhone A Possibility After Apple Looking At Prototypes With Touch ID

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    Several companies like LG, Samsung, and Xiaomi are coming up with foldable smartphones. Similarly, Apple is also supposedly dipping its toes in implementing foldable screens to iPhones.

    In addition to this new introduction, Apple is also planning to bring back the in-display fingerprint in their iPhone13 within the year 2021 itself.

    New Additions To iPhone This Year

    Reportedly, Apple has been considering the concept of foldable devices. The company is still in its nascent stages and has not started fully working on its prototype as of yet.

    Apple is exploring and mulling over this idea of implementing flexible and foldable screens in the next few years. Since the idea is in its initial stages, implementation will take some time.

    On the other hand, the firm intends to add a few changes to their forthcoming model of iPhone 13 that will be introduced this very year in the months of September and October. iPhone 12 that was launched last year had included a completely new design that had a boxy look and straight edges. One of the most significant changes being made to the iPhone 13 is the inclusion of the fingerprint sensor inside the display.

    OnePlus 8 Pro also has an in-display fingerprint sensor. Since Apple had removed the Touch ID, it had relied on its remarkable Face ID feature for the purpose of authentication. The Face ID posed to be an issue in 2020 owing to the mask limitation.

    Apart from these, Apple might also make minor changes in the design, display size, and camera for its latest model.

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