Insta 360 One R: Most Fun Cameras I Have Ever Used!

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    Hello everyone. This is the review of the Insta360 One R, both the 1-inch and twin edition. These cameras are by far the most fun cameras I’ve worked with.
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    The twin edition of the Insta 360 One R comes with 2 lenses inside, a 4k action camera, and a 360 camera. The 1-inch edition, on the other hand, has one sensor, a 1-inch action camera that is Leica designed. the 1-inch sensor can go up to 5.3k 30 fps while the 4k mod, as the name suggests can only shoot up to 4k 60 fps.

    The action cameras are equally good in quality, except for the higher resolution, wider field of view, and slightly better color reproduction in the 1-inch sensor. These action cameras use Flowstate stabilization to make the footage stable.

    The 360 camera is the most fun among the three. This camera helps you bring a newer perspective on what you think will be regular footage. Plus, with the Insta 360 One R app, you can put in different effects to make more of those interesting and creative videos for Tiktok or Youtube.

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