Marvel Snap Gets A New January 2023 Update

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    With 14 million downloads since the game’s introduction, the well-known free-to-play card game Marvel Snap has allegedly made over US $30 million. The team at studio Second Dinner, which is made up of seasoned Hearthstone and Blizzard Entertainment developers, has revealed a new patch for January 2023 that includes a few significant adjustments.

    Although it doesn’t directly impact gameplay, one of the most significant new features is Artist Credits. Marvel Snap cards contain artwork created by a range of various artists, and one of the game’s important features is the possibility to collect variant artwork, which refers to cards that have classic Marvel comic book covers, alternate versions of characters, or noticeably different art styles. 

    Marvel Snap’s New Patch Will Change Everything

    The name of the artist who created the artwork on a card could not initially be determined through the game. Eventually, a tiny adjustment was made that started labeling some of the more popular style sets with the names of the artists (such as “Dan Hipp Variant” or “Rian Gonzales Variant”), but this new feature will guarantee that every card has an artist attribution.

    This Marvel Snap patch also introduces several substantial card balance adjustments, with Galactus (whose reveal wipes out the rest of the battlefield) and Leader being the most significant (who clones every card played by your opponent). Both cards now have less power, and Ben Brode of Second Dinner has hinted that both cards will soon undergo more adjustments.

    Aero, who disturbs the battlefield by moving the enemy’s cards, and Nova, who increases the power of other cards when destroyed, are two more cards whose strength has decreased. In the game, both of these cards are utilized rather frequently.

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