Nothing Phone 1- You May Like It!

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    The Nothing Phone 1 is geared especially for those customers who want something a bit different from their usual Samsung, Apple, or Google devices. While the availability of this product is not as much as expected in the United States, this product seems perfect as an interesting midrange model. The product has an affordable price tag attached to it along with flashing LED glyphs.

    But for those who are unaware, Nothing is a tech brand that was started by entrepreneur Carl Pei in 2020. He is also one of the founders of OnePlus- one of the several cell phone companies that are known for its solid specifications and its lower prices compared to Samsung and Apple. In fact, it is this philosophy that has led to the transformation of OnePlus from being a niche company to a top tech brand. 

    The Nothing Phone 1- An Affordable Phone With A Nifty Design

    One of the biggest features of Nothing is the design- as the back already has a transparent cover that brings out the internals and also makes one feel like they are looking straight into the heart of the phone. One can even see where several of the different pieces connect- along with seeing the exposed screw heads. The only branding the Nothing Phone 1 has is the subtle Nothing logo and a tiny red dot- the signature of the brand. 

    If one were to focus on the back, one would also see a dual camera setup with an ultra-wide and standard view for the Nothing Phone 1. The Nothing Phone 1 has been wrapped up in a metal band that definitely feels and looks nice, with the 6.55- inch OLED display sharp and vibrant. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ processor should also be more than efficient for handling the needs of everybody while allowing access to the 5G network.

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