Oppo’s Rollable Phone Shows Wireless Air Charging

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    Oppo is on a roll, perhaps a little ahead of its peers when it comes to makin new-age technology. Xiaomi announced its idea for air-charging for its devices. But the former company has also dabbled its hands on it, and it demonstrated it recently. They called it the “future of charging.” The tech giant is introducing this technique with their latest rollable devices. The MWC Shanghai 2021 took place today earlier in the day. And there, Oppo introduced its new take on wireless charging, air-charging. It took over the headlines soon after. 

    The demo from the firm happened in an official video and the booth as well. It featured the X2021 concept of their Rollable phone. It was placed on a regular wireless charger. But what took over people’s attention was that when the device was slightly raised and even tilted on multiple occasions, the device was still charging without a stop. 

    According to Oppo, the tech for air-charging gives about 7.5 W of power and utilizes magnetic resonance. But this only happens within a range of 10 cm against their charging mat. 

    Oppo Vs. Xiaomi Wireless Air-Charging

    Oppo’s air-charging is seemingly impressive. But it may not have a strong stand against Xiaomi’s tech. The latter’s tech is called Mi Air Charge. This one, in comparison, can give about 5W of power. It utilizes a millimeter wave RF. And although it can hold the torch for being better, it may still lose when it comes to the cost and size of the entire thing. There have been similarities drawn to Xiaomi’s air-charging device and the system by Energeous’ WattUp. 

    The system of charging and devices isn’t necessarily mind-blowing considering that these have been gaining attention since AirFuelAlliance. For about a decade, they have been promoting this tech and standards. We have also been witness to several demos as such. 

    It could also be seen in Realme and OnePlus, with help from new charging systems.

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