TikTok Introduces New Confetti Effects With LiDAR Sensor

One of the most widely advertised new features of the iPhone 12 Pro model was the LiDAR sensor that helped in enabling a few of the cool advanced reality effects. This was possible with the help of the ability to position objects accurately in a 3D space. Recently TikTok has taken this a step further.

The only issue with the Apple LiDAR sensor was the actual use cases were less. On the other hand, TikTok has made the public announcement of introducing a new AR effect.

TikTok Takes The LiDAR Sensor A Step Further

The AR effect of TikTok is going to take advantage of the LiDAR sensor. This indicates that a user now has to have the iPhone 12 Pro.

This effect will be displaying a virtual Times Square-like disco ball on the top of the person’s head. However, when the counter on that ball hits zero, it will explode and a sign of ‘2021’ will pop up. This will take place as the person as well as the surrounding furniture is going to be covered in virtual confetti.

According to the reports of TeleCrunch, this new effect will be made available across the world apart from a few of the countries. TikTok’s effect is already a success with the users who have already gained access to the effect and have already used it to create exciting videos with it.

TikTok has also planned on developing a much more innovative effect during the year 2021. Previously Snapchat had also enabled users to make lenses that could use LiDAR in October 2020.