Twitter Confirms ‘Undo Tweet’ Testing, Professional Tweeters Given Access

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    Recently there are increasing speculations that Twitter might soon be adding a new feature of ‘undo tweet’. On the other hand, it is also believed that Twitter users will have to pay in order to use this feature as Jane Manchun, an app researcher, has found a subscription added to this feature.

    Users have also been receiving queries regarding taking back tweets in their survey as well as their willingness to pay to access the feature. On 20th March, Saturday, there was a confirmation from Twitter that they are actually testing the ‘undo tweet’ feature.

    New Feature Being Tested By Twitter

    Although the social media giant has confirmed they are currently testing their new feature of ‘undo tweet’ they have not yet informed anything regarding the date of availability. Nonetheless, it is understandable that Twitter is unwilling to give any information of the availability owing to the probable subscription charges.

    Putting aside speculations, the company has made no official statement regarding the payment for the service since the feature is still being testing and decisions are yet to be made.

    Although it is noteworthy that the design of the button is quite similar to the Gmail ‘undo send’. Gmail simply waits for a few moments wherein the users are given the option to undo the sent mail before the mail is actually sent.

    In case Twitter is looking for suggestions for their new feature, they can offer a pop-up when a user is about to post some offensive tweet that will give them some-time to reconsider before tweeting.

    Whether this feature will solve the recent problem of suspension of Twitter accounts on the basis of misinformation or not, it will be a waiting game to see that.

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