WordPress Is The Newest Addition To Fediverse

There is an expansion ready for the Fediverse and it is the highly popular WordPress. In the past week, the web content company released the ActivityPub Plugin version 1.0.0. This lets users connect their blog made on WordPress with other platforms of social media such as the Mastodon available on the fediverse.

After the latest plugin gets installed, users will be able to follow the posts on different platforms and see them directly through the feeds on the other networks. Bloggers will not also be able to get updates from every author present on their blogs, instead of only the individual accounts of authors.

A Great Addition In WordPress

WordPress’ parent company Matthias Pfefferle & Automatic explained that after the installation of ActivityPub, only posts created afterwards can be seen via the Fediverse. Similarly, even if the plugin has been in use for some time, the followers of a blog will only be able to see the posts published afterward. Followers will not see posts that have been published previously appearing on the Home Feed.

They further explain that users can think of the process as a newsletter subscription. Just like in that case, only emails sent after the subscription will be sent, never the past ones from the archive. As such, if someone follows a site through ActivityPub, only the blog posts published afterward will be received.

To ensure that the plugin is active, you will just have to make the profile page of the author of the blog active. Then, follow your Mastodon social account (or any of the other platforms on the Fediverse). After that, whenever you publish a post, the post shall pop up on the home feed within 15 minutes. The new WordPress plugin is compatible with several federated tested platforms such as Mastodon, friendica, Hubzilla, Pleroma/Akkoma, Firefish, Socialhome, Pixelfed, and Misskey.