12 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

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    Do you think tiny gadgets can’t be cool? We bet these compact tools and accessories will impress you! Get ready for the most functional phone grip, an innovative voice recorder and some really unusual fidget spinners. Plus, we have this cute puppy-knife and the amazing luminous ring.

    0:00​ Introduction
    0:21​ Poooliprint Pocket Printer:​ ||​
    1:00​ TEKE Wireless DMX Lighting:​
    1:40​ Pochi Knife:​ ||​
    2:17​ Igloohome Smart Lock Box:​ ||​
    2:55​ Tring Multi-Tool and Phone Grip​
    3:30​ Peeps Lens Cleaner:​
    4:11​ Mini Square Industrial Style Spinner:​ ||​​
    5:07​ Lauco Cable:​
    Wearable Charge & Sync Cable:…​
    5:48​ Yescool Mini Camera & Voice Recorder:​
    6:29​ Tritium Gas keychain:​
    7:17​ Carbon Fiber Lume Ring:​ (alternative) ||​

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