KFC Console Is Launched With Intel Along With A Chicken Warmer

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    KFC Gaming had made a Twitter post in the month of June and this video claimed that they were producing a 4k 120fps aptitude KFC console for video gaming. At that time, people had considered it to be a joke.

    However, KFC has made it a reality in collaboration with Cooler Master who is their manufacturer partner. As a result, we can now expect the launch of the KFC console very soon.

    Specifics Of KFC Console

    The gaming computer will be kept in the custom of Cooler Master named CN100 and has been dubbed as KFC Console that will be powered with NUC9 of Intel. The key feature will include a graphics card by Asus RTX along with a 1TB Seagate with storage of NVME SSD.

    The accurate processor as well as the KFC console GPU is uncertain. Nonetheless, the important claim for fame is not going to rest on the professed resolution and output rate of frame. Rather, it will include a built-in chicken warmer inside the console that will keep the tenders hot and tasty while you are gaming Among Us.

    KFC Console was supposed to be launched on 12th November. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, it had to be postponed like the other product launches in the gaming industry. KFC has planned to launch it in this month of December. Unfortunately, the crunch time before Christmas leaves little time for preparation, pushing the launch to 2021.

    Intriguingly, the chicken warmer and NUC9 are sandwiched together in the same device. The heat of the NUC9 is being used to keep the chicken warm.

    The massive online interest has resulted in making this KFC Console a reality. Now KFC along with Cooler Master intends to promote the console as competitive hardware against Xbox and PS5.

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