13 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

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    We’re back with another set of gadgets you should take a look at! Today we’ve got some really unusual stuff. Like an actual Star Wars laser, enormous flashlight and a gadget that lets you see through walls. And speaking of walls, we’ve found an innovative drill that gets the job done without any hassle.

    0:00 Introduction
    0:22 Guard Dog AccuFire Laser Pepper Spray:…

    1:14 Arctic Laser:
    2:06 Touch Screen Pen Scanner, Translator&Recorder: || (alternative)
    3:04 Automatic Shoe Polisher:
    3:40 Mario Question Block Lamp: ||
    4:15 Pocket Arrow Kit:
    4:52 Razor Jetts Heel Wheels:
    5:30 Portable Stove:
    6:12 Portable Cooking Kit:
    6:52 Portable Generator:
    7:30 Makita Wall Scanner:
    8:24 Giant Flashlight:
    9:12 Black&Decker Drill:

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