15 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Seeing

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    A man without tools is like a superhero without a suit. So let’s check out some new stuff! Maybe you need a slim and functional folding knife? No? Or an entire toolbox that’ll fit your belt buckle? As always, all the links to the products you’ll find in the description below. And let us know in the comment section which gadgets you’d like to see in our next videos!

    0:00 Introduction
    0:24 Multi-Tool Belt: ||
    1:05 Belt Buckle Flask:
    1:17 Quickloader Straps:
    2:03 Jerry Can Mini Bar:
    2:40 Biolite Headlamp: (330 Lumen) || (750 Lumen)
    3:23 Squarespace:
    4:30 Bridge City Layout Multi-Tools:
    5:08 Multipurpose Non-Tangle Rope:
    5:46 Silicone Muscle Chest: ​​
    6:24 Wolf Head Wallet: ||
    6:46 Folding Pocket Knife&Stainless Steel Bottle Opener:
    7:11 Titanium Token #BolTag: ||
    7:56 Gerber Armbar Slim:
    8:30 All in Multitool V3:
    9:01 Tool Ring:

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