15 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

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    Are you ready to see another set of gadgets we’ve found for you? So today we’ve got something cool for streamers and the Rubik’s Cube lovers on the list. Oh, and you might be interested in some accessories for your Airpods. No? Ok, there’s something for your knees.

    0:00 Introduction
    0:18 Puro²Xygen P500 – Hepa Air Purifier:
    1:40 Boba Fett Voice Changer:
    1:52 Kylo Ren Voice Changer:
    2:31 Starglow Saber
    3:20 Bumblebee Hand Blaster: ||
    3:54 Phone Wristband:
    4:34 3D SpaceMouse:
    5:09 3D SpaceMouse Pro:
    5:21 3D SpaceMouse Enterprise:
    5:30 Stream Deck XL:
    6:14 Azeron Compact Gaming keypad:
    6:59 Loupedeck Live – Stream Console:
    7:44 Torshn Puzzle:
    8:19 Raptop AirPods Pro Case:
    8:47 E-Knee Brace: ||

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