21 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Seeing

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    Hey guys! This is another set of gadgets for all occasions to improve your daily routine. Don’t forget to write down in the comments, which gadgets you’d like to see in our next videos!

    0:00 Introduction
    0:15 RGB LED Kit for Helmet:
    1:03 Vssl Supplies Compact Adventure Kit: ||
    1:49 Compact Safety Shovel: ||
    2:24 JaxJox KettlebellConnect™ 2.0: ||
    3:14 Coravin Wine Preservation System (Model Six):
    Coravin Wine Preservation System (Model Five):
    3:59 LEX Bionic Chair:
    4:41 Redkey USB V4l:
    5:27 Patina Metal Wallet
    5:58 Jabra PanaCast Cam: ||
    6:49 Olor.Coco Air Purifier:
    7:32 SWAT Survival Kit: || (alternative)
    8:15 Handwritten Working Compass:
    8:28 MultiBelt Pro: Belt with Multitool Buckle: || ||
    8:56 Steampunk Beetle Insect Clockwork:
    Steampunk Beetle Insect Machine:
    Steampunk Beetle Insect with Moving Wings:
    Mechanical Beetle Powered with a V8 Engine:…
    Steampunk Beetle Insect:
    9:31 Steampunk Beetle Crab:
    9:44 Cyberpunk Style Distortion DistoZoid:
    Germanium Auto WAH / Modulator WahoZoid:
    Distortion DistoZoid-CY2:
    Cyberpunk Style SiMosFuzz:
    Tremolo VibroZoid Optical:
    10:22 Wrist Watch with 4 Dials:

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