24 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

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    It’s time to see some cool gadgets from all over the Web! So today we’ll show you a camera for your Apple Watch and a couple of bracelets you might need for a cosplay party. Ok, we’ve got a bunch of things for the most epic Marvel Party! Oh, and get ready for the richest sound ever!

    0:00 Introduction
    0:21 xScreen for Xbox Series S:
    1:10 Glassy Blue Light Glasses:
    2:02 Black Decker Vacuum:
    2:41 Handheld Vacuum for Pets Black Decker:
    3:00 CAT Combat Application Tourniquet: (alternative)
    3:41 Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber: ||
    4:25 MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower:…
    5:29 Wristcam:
    6:09 Allocacoc PowerCube USB Power Socket:
    7:40 ORICO Tape External Hard Drive Enclosure:
    8:17 TiBeast Professional Robotic Dog:
    9:20 RemoBell S Video Doorbell:
    10:00 Louis Vuitton Speaker:
    10:45 Omnitrix Alien Force Bracelet:
    Omnitrix BEN 10 Bracelet:
    Omnitrix Omniverse Bracelet:
    11:04 Death Stranding Bracelet:
    11:25 Iron Man Masks: || ||
    Iron Man Helmet:
    Iron Man Metal Glove:
    12:03 Super Solider Serum:
    12:11 Peggy Carter Compass Captain America:
    12:26 Captain America Shield Prototype:
    Captain America Broken Shield: ||
    12:47 Metal Wakanda Shield:
    12:57 Dr Strange Eye of Agamotto:
    13:15 Dr Strange Rotatable Spell Disc:
    13:27 Tesseract Cube:
    13:36 Winter Soldier Prop Bomb:

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