5G Network By Verizon Proven To Be Slower Nationwide Than LTE

The nationwide new 5G network provided by Verizon has been reported to be slower than the LTE network. It is so slow that the users have been disabling the network which is proving to be completely useless.

Users prefer disabling it fully except they are situated near a network of mmWave. The results of the tests conducted by Sascha Sagan from ‘PC Magazine’ indicate that the DSS or, Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, has some issues that are causing the problem in the 5G network.

Check The Verizon 5G Network Before Usage

The technology allows carriers to run the 5G and LTE networks simultaneously. This is rather useful in case you prefer Verizon and since there are not enough reliable options of 5G service providers as of now.

However, Verizon has been focused on their mmWave network so far and has recently started providing a mid-band 5G network nationwide. This has promised to dodge the problem from the mmWave while using DSS.

The catch is Verizon’s 5G network results in worse performance while they function on most phones.

The solution for Verizon users now is to turn the 5G off. ‘PC Magazine’ has stated that this will not be a long-term problem since it is simply a nationwide test for speed. Additionally, the T-Mobile users will have a slower 5G network than the LTE network. The test has also revealed this problem and the reason being that the 5G also makes use of the DSS.

It is also seen that this particular issue has been taking place in the city of New York.

Verizon’s mmWave has a very fast speed but lacks in range. If you want the UB logo of 5G to pop up with fast speed, you must keep your 5G on although it will be slower.