OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9 Lite, Set To Be Launched With OnePlus 9 And 9 Pro

OnePlus is bound to be the very best Android mobile phone maker. What is even more attractive and remarkable about this manufacturer is that their products are extremely affordable for consumers. Alongside, this Chinese company is planning to launch its leading products for 2021 within the early months of the year.

Consumers have already received a sneak-peak of the design for the OnePlus 9 following the leak of the pictures earlier. Now, we have some additional details about its internal hardware and other aspects.

OnePlus 9 Sequence: OnePlus 9 Lite, OnePlus 9 Pro & OnePlus 9

An inside source has revealed that the series of OnePlus 9 is all set to offer three brand new models during their upcoming launch. These three include OnePlus 9 Lite, OnePlus 9 Pro, and OnePlus 9.

There will be a Qualcomm feature of the most recent 5nm chipset present in the model of OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 9. Snapdragon 888 will also be included in both. However, it will be powered with Snapdragon 865 rather than Snapdragon 888 in the model of the OnePlus 9 Lite.

OnePlus 9 logically launches the Lite model along with their regular and Pro versions. OnePlus 8T has a $749 basic price, indicating OnePlus 9 to start from around $780 or $800 while the Pro model will be launched at a premium between $150 and $200. The Lite version of the OnePlus 9 will be almost $600 that will allow the manufacturer to target the cherished flagship buyers.

It is interesting to note that OnePlus decided to opt for Snapdragon 865 instead of Snapdragon 888. This is probably because of the extraordinary performance delivered by Snapdragon 865 even though it is a year old and will easily manage to survive for the coming years.