Apple Reportedly Charging Lesser App Store Charges From Small Business

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    Apple Company has reportedly begun collecting lower commissions from a few of the App Stores run by small businesses. This technological giant has recently launched the program of offering the developers a discount on the charges.

    Apple stated that according to this new program, the App Stores that earn not more than $1 million on an annual basis will have to pay only half of the fees they are supposed to pay. As a result, now, the App Store will be paying a commission rate of 30%. Additionally, participants will have to pay only 15% for in-app purchases and sales.

    This giant tech enterprise started taking in enrollees during the beginning of December. Apple had originally planned to kick-start this program on 1st January 2021. However, in a good turn, Apple might have decided on starting it earlier than planned, for selected developers, at least.

    Reduced Commission Rate by Apple

    It has been further reported that Jacob Gorban, the founder of Apparent Software, along with several other applicants disclosed the reduced fees offered by the program that has already been implemented.

    Gorban has tweeted this information along with a few other screenshots. He posted that the new decreased fees of App Store for Small Business have been affected by the company already along with some graphical representation of the fees.

    Apple is presently charging a 30% commission rate. This is due to the reason that during the early days of the App Store and several other companies have expressed discontent over the unreasonably high fees that they have to pay regularly.

    While Apple launched this program, they stated that it will be benefiting a large majority of the developers present on this platform. On the other hand, it will highly benefit small companies and individuals.

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