Apple Event

Apple Event To Unveil Updated Version Of iPhone SE With 5G And New iPad Air

An Apple event is scheduled for March to unveil a newer iPhone SE version and an iPad Air. A tentative date for the Apple event has been sent on March 8, a Tuesday.

The new iPhone SE to be launched at the Apple event is set to look similar to the 2020 version that is modeled after the earlier iPhone 8. Though the new 5G version is not expected to include major changes in design, it will be an addition to the A15 Bionic chip and an enhanced rear camera.

The iPad Air will also expectedly include a fresher A-series chip plus connectivity with little changes in design.

A Mac Mini Could Also Be Launched At The Apple Event

A new Apple-designed, chips-powered Mac could be launched at the occasion, and it could be a Mac mini if rumors are to be believed.

iOS 15.4 could be part of the Apple event in March and could also be part of the freshly launched devices. So the updated launch could be part of the launch in March.

This Apple event will be digital rather than an attended event. It will follow the events of the last two years. This event will be followed by the WWDC this fall. Apple is then expected to present new software plus more keynote events at the event later this year.

Apple has revealed that it has a fresh new range of updated products expected this fall. They include iPhones, new Seris 8 and SE Models Apple Watches, fresh AirPods Pro, a refreshed MacBook Air, a Mac Pro, and a new iMac.

Fans are hopeful that there could be something else as they feel that these updates are pretty minor to be upgraded to an Apple event. They point out that traditionally, any update of this kind would normally have been a mere press release and a site refresh.