Increase In the Video Length Of TikTok By 10 Minutes

There is news that TikTok is again increasing the length of its videos by a maximum of 10 minutes. This is the maximum length a user can upload their personal videos. ByteDance, the digital Chinese conglomerate owns the company and took the decision to let its creators extend the video time. This action is implemented to compete well with its competitors like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook who have quickly adopted the short video version of TikTok.

Good News For The Creators Of TikTok!

Initially, TikTok allowed only one minute of video time to its users which was changed in 2021 when it raised the time span to three minutes. However, the latest expansion came in just within a year. 

The app became popular in a very short time due to its bite-short videos of one minute and entertainment feed which is auto-generated. The massive popularity of TikTok is visible by its more than 1 billion users and the fact that it has updated the platform according to the wishes of its users. 

The company does not have any idea how many people will use the long-term video span feature, however, the initiative makes it clear that the app is upgrading in order to stay in the market for a longer time. There is also buzz that TikTok will advance towards the main area of YouTube after YouTube gained popularity with its short feature with viewers and creators in 2020. 

In the words of a representative, the team is thinking of new ways to treasure the community and to improve the experience of TikTok users. The gradual increase in the time span of the video is conducted to give more time to the creators to make more creative and unique videos that would be loved by users worldwide. This new trend was first seen by Matt Navarra, a consultant of social media who shared about the up-gradation.