Apple Podcasts Likely To Get a Premium Subscription Service Soon

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    The recent news that has been doing the rounds is that Apple is reportedly planning to release a subscription service for podcasts.

    This is definitely great news for Apple users across the globe. On the other hand, it must be noted that in case Apple rolls out their podcasts service, it will pose a huge competitor to Spotify and several other companies that offer exclusive content to the customers.

    Premium Podcasts Service Is In Apple’s Pipeline

    This move of Apple to bring back the service is not very surprising. This is mainly due to the reason that the company did have a prolonged dominance in the distribution market of podcasts. In addition to this previous enterprise, Apple considers podcasts to be a profitable venture since its popularity has been exponentially increasing over the past few years.

    Although these are only conjectures and nothing has been confirmed officially as of now. Yet the reports suggest that Apple has been in talks with several partners regarding the potential future of their subscription plan. Additionally, new marketing strategies and audio shows will be focused upon by the company.

    For many years, Apple has been the most important platform for downloading the feature. However, the market has grown significantly during recent years and consumers are offered more choices than ever. Apart from the very popular site of Stitcher, users opt for Spotify and Amazon Music.

    Nonetheless, there has been no official confirmation regarding the cost, timeframe, and planning of the Apple podcasts plan so far. Premium subscriptions are quite common nowadays and are largely preferred by users.

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