The All-In-One Chat App Beeper Promises To Bring iMessage On Androids, Linux And Windows

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    If you thought that a single app to manage all your messaging apps would make your life easier, here comes Beeper making this come true. In short, this is an all-new app that will accommodate all your messaging platforms into one.

    The app was earlier called Novachat that planned to unify all your inboxes into one grand inbox. The app functions with the same idea. With this app you will be able to search, archive or snooze all your messages from a single platform.

    The official announcement of the app was made on Twitter by former smartwatch company, Pebble’s CEO Eric Migicovsky this Wednesday, January 20. The tweet mentioned that Eric will be developing this project which will require a monthly subscription of $10.

    Beeper To Include 15 Chat Apps Including iMessage

    Beeper will include a total of 15 apps in its grand platform. This comprises all the major and popular chat services including Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Signal Facebook Messenger, Instagram and so on. But the most interesting point of this app is that it promises the inclusion of iMessage on Androids, Linux and Windows. Pebble CEO Eric’s tweet however mentions that this will not be without “some trickery”.

    Officially, only Apple device holders can avail iMessage. Thus, this news has been an interesting revelation for many. Details of how this process is going to function has been disclosed on Beeper’s official website. The developers mention that iPhone users who have an always-online Mac will be able to use this app platform as a bridge.

    Survey reports suggest that several Apple users do not wish to shift from iPhones owing to iMessage. But if Beeper is successful in bringing iMessage to its envelope then there might be some interesting shifts. Eric Migicovsky further mentions in another tweet that Beeper is not making false claims. He posts an image with 50 odd iPhones ready to be upgraded with the Beeper app.

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