BTS Celebrates 9th Birthday With Google And YouTube

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    A “#MyBTStory challenge” has been running on YouTube for the last month, asking the many Bangtan Boys fans to submit their greatest moments from the group’s nine-year history. A special tribute video to the BTS ARMY will be posted on the band’s YouTube channel on July 13 to conclude the event, which is coming to an end today.

    But in the near future, Google will continue working with Bangtan Boys, introducing two fascinating new features. The announcement has been scheduled to fall on “BTS ARMY Day,” which commemorates the anniversary of the fan club’s founding, on July 9.

    Google Celebrates BTS 

    On July 9 KST, Google partnered with Bangtan Boys to launch BTS X Street Galleries through their Arts & Culture platform in honor of ARMY’s (Bangtan Boys’ official fanbase moniker) 9th birthday. Each member of Bangtan Boys created a virtual gallery where their favorite pieces of art are shown in a variety of settings that are well-known to ARMYs. In 2018, for instance, J-Hope decided to adorn the UN General Assembly, the venue for the group’s widely recognized statement.

    Since the Bangtan Boys members, with the exception of leader RM, had not been overly outspoken about their own artistic choices, the individually organized virtual galleries in particular attracted attention. Additionally, Google included a unique event to their online search function, where purple balloons fill your screen if you search for “Bangtan Boys” and hit the purple heart icon to the left of the words “BTS: Boy Band.” The voices of the Bangtan Boys members may be heard saying “I purple you” if you click on the microphone-holding heart-shaped balloons. Give it a go for yourself!

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