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    10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of July 2021

    July 2021 was filled with wild and weird stories in gaming from corporate meddling to dedicated 12 year olds.

    Why Apple hates Google

    At one point, Apple and Google were as close as two companies could get without merging. But these days, Apple barely hides its disdain...

    Check out this FOLDABLE $50K tiny house

    Boxabl's dream for the future of housing involves foldable, stackable, modular housing units that come off the assembly line in just 90 minutes.

    Hands on with MacOS Monterey

    I’ve been living with the new MacOS beta for a while now, here’s why it’s changing how I use my MacBook.

    Billionaire thrill-seeker aims for space travel

    The entrepreneur/thrill-seeker aims to beat Jeff Bezos to becoming the first billionaire in space.

    Microsoft Windows 11 event in 7 minutes: Android Apps, New Start Menu, Free Upgrade

    Microsoft's Windows 11 is officially announced. After weeks of teases and leaks, Microsoft showed us all of the UI changes that are coming —...

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