Canva Docs Beta Is Now Open

Google and Microsoft are on collision course with Canva, which might cause the productivity suite oligarchies of the two tech titans to crumble. The Australian design tool juggernaut has unveiled a new, top-secret weapon that might upend its dominance and alter how people conduct business. It appears to be the start of a revolution that will change the way we produce art. Magic Write is the name of it.

Canva Docs Beta Is Open For Trial

The standout feature of Canva Docs, the company’s recently released tool for producing media-rich documents, is Magic Write.

The Social Media designer, which gave the firm its start in 2013, Decks, the slides app that has generated one billion presentations since it was released at the start of the pandemic, and Whiteboard, a more recent collaborative tool, all share the same distinctively visual nature. According to its cofounder and chief product officer Cameron Adams, Whiteboard has amassed 10 million users in just two months since its launch.

C Docs employs a similar block-oriented visual approach to other products, using pre-made, Lego-like components that can be readily customized. This makes it possible for anyone to rapidly put together a document that differs from what MS Word or Google Docs can produce. Canva Docs primarily utilizes graphical headers to offer a text a very apparent structure as opposed to the dry nature of traditional word processing applications. Canva Docs, a cloud-based hybrid word editor and publishing tool was released today in open beta. Additionally, “Magic Write,” a generative AI copywriting tool, will be added to Canva Docs.

At its first Create conference in September, the design platform made the initial announcement of Docs. Similar to competing cloud-based word processors, users from different teams can work together in real-time on documents. Canva Docs offers a wide variety of useful templates that let users design anything from menus to resumes.