The EU Launches An Official Investigation Into TikTok For Kid Safety

The EU has opened an official inquiry into TikTok to look into any infractions of the bloc’s historic DSA and assess if the firm is protecting kids on their platform to the fullest extent possible. “With the commencement of proceedings, TikTok’s features, procedures, and policies concerning specific alleged violations will be examined by the EC. A representative for the bloc’s executive arm stated on Monday that it “does not bias the investigation’s conclusion.”

The commission would evaluate the firm’s compliance with standards for major social platforms to reduce the possibility of consumers developing an addiction to their material. The company is owned by ByteDance in China.

The European Commission stated in a news statement on Monday that TikTok’s age verification features, which are designed to keep kids from viewing unsuitable content, “might not be appropriate, sensible, or efficient.” The inquiry will also examine whether it has provided researchers with enough allowance to its information and been open about the marketing on its site.

TikTok Issues Protective Features To Keep Children Below 13 Off Of It

“Invented protective settings and features to keep minors under 13 off the site,” a representative for TikTok told the outlet. “We’re excited about the chance to provide the commission with a thorough explanation of our efforts, and we’ll collaborate with professionals and businesses to protect youth on TikTok,” the statement continued. The DSA passed in August, imposes harsher regulations on major digital businesses, defined as businesses with over forty-five million users each month in the bloc, and aims to defend people’s online rights. This includes duties for social media firms operating in the EU. As per the EC, TikTok has over 136 million active monthly users in the EU.

Businesses that violate the regulations may be penalized up to 6% of their worldwide yearly turnover.