Evaluation: Steam Deck OLED Valve

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    The video game developer Valve released a significant piece of hardware about two years ago. The Steam Deck OLED was the company’s first true hit after years of experimenting with controllers, virtual reality goggles, and widgets that allowed you to play online games on TVs. To construct the Steam Deck OLED, the company’s developers managed to cram laptop-grade desktop components into a portable device with nearly a screen of 7 inches. What’s more, the gadget managed to run games that are Windows-compatible on a user-friendly OS that was free of Microsoft. Valve wisely approached the majority of the Deck’s design with pragmatism. Its screen wasn’t the sharpest.

    It was by no means the tiniest gaming portable, nor did it have the sharpest graphics or the most powerful processor. However, it was amazing how well the aspects were balanced with the utility it offered players. Furthermore, the Steam Deck OLED continues to get better with time thanks to ongoing software maintenance and almost 300 fixes.

    I was thus a little worried when I received the invitation to travel to Valve’s offices and check out a recent Deck. Would the corporation make meaningful improvements to the product or cater to the insatiable need of gamers for high-definition graphics by providing an absurdly powerful portable version? In the end, calmer heads won out. 

    Taken Back with The Light Of The Steam Deck OLED

    At first, the somewhat utilitarian design of Valve’s initial Deck seemed a little bit of a surprise to see. It was broad, chunky, and large. However, it proved to be a winner when used, offering you a great deal of authority over a large selection of video games. The updated Steam Deck OLED version maintains the same design, dimensions, and form, doing away with any unnecessary changes. Its touchscreen, two thumb sticks, buttons, D-pad, triggers, and about two touchpads let you navigate through games that need a controller or even a mouse with ease. 

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