FitBit Account Users Might Lose It By 2025

FitBit is a popular fitness brand that provides smart devices. They have recently updated the help section that is available on their website. The users have received surprising information that their app might be supported by Google from the year 2025. 

The existing accounts of FitBit on available services and devices are going to be supported by Google. The company has made announced that any Google account is going to use it mandatorily. This is going to be a clause till 2025 initial months at least. Google will also provide more information for the users in the upcoming year of 2023 when it is going to be officially launched on Google accounts. 

Collaboration Of FitBit And Google 

FitBit has lately stated that their services will be launched on Google accounts. In addition, it is going to also have the choice of moving its app to any Google account which is being used in other Google services. 

Last year in January, the company was taken over by Google. Since then FitBit has assured its users that this acquisition by Google was primarily for the purpose of device collaboration. This was informed by Rick Osterloh, the Senior Vice President of Services and Devices at Google. 

Users Are In For A Surprise 

Osterloh further added that their deal with Google was intended for devices instead of data. Both parties have been certain about what they wanted from this collaboration. He said that their data is going to remain aloof from other ads data of Google. 

This gives rise to the question of user data by FitBit and the security issues. The company has responded by saying that Google will sustain privacy policies for FitBit and will ensure the protection of user data. All transformations and updates will be smooth and users will experience no discomfort.