Google Calendar And Gmail Will Get Apps On Pixel Watch

For its WearOS platform, Google has started releasing several first-party apps. Now, according to a rumor, the American corporation intends to add Gmail and Calendar apps to smartwatches running Wear OS.

Google is getting ready to introduce its Gmail and Calendar apps to the WearOS, according to a report from 9to5Google. This indicates that these apps will soon be accessible on Google smartwatches, including the Wear OS-powered Watch4, Watch5, Pixel Watch, and a few more models.

Gmail Will Get An App On Pixel Watch

The tech business is currently testing the two apps on its Pixel Watch, the story claims. Additionally, it might be included with several other smartwatches running Wear OS.

Users can currently only read a portion of the email through the smartwatch’s notifications. Additionally, Google does not offer email on its smartwatches, whereas Apple does. The Google Pixel Watch series includes basic calendar software, however, neither a week nor a month view is available. The Google smartwatches are severely limited by the fact that it only shows events for the next three days.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Workspace will be receiving new enhancements, including improved Gmail search results, customizable pivot tables in Sheets, and other things.

Curiously, users can resize the side panel for the pivot table editor. According to a blog post, it will be useful when field or column names are lengthy and the user wants to review the complete content.

Notably, the tech giant claims that when customers access the email service via the web, the results will be improved based on their Gmail search behavior. According to the blog post, the update to Gmail search would enhance the results and make it more contextual as well as more relevant.