GTA 6 Suffers Massive Leak

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    There is major turmoil at Rockstar this morning since 90 videos with a staggering amount of early GTA 6 footage have leaked and are presently being shared on social media.

    GTA 6 Test Build Leaked

    This came from GTAforums, where a member going by the handle teapotuberhacker submitted 90 videos they said were taken from a test version of Grand Theft Auto 6. They also claim to be the people behind the latest Uber breach. The video appears to validate earlier information from leaks, including the setting, the Vice City that looks like it may be in Miami, and the male and female protagonists. Jason is the man’s name, while Lucia is the name of the woman in the video.

    In one scene, Lucia is controlled by the player as she robs a diner and then escapes from the police with Jason. In another, Jason watches as two rednecks have a very Rockstar-like talk beside a pool. Rockstar will probably remove them from the internet pretty soon, so I’ll link to them instead of embedding them. However, there is so much film, dispersed so widely, that it will probably be difficult for them to wipe it all.

    I can’t really really accept the possibility that this is phoney, unlike certain industry leaks. The amount of video and the amount of details make it almost hard to fabricate at this size. To create this film, there appears to have been a real hack and breach of Rockstar’s security. It’s not hard to believe that this will get to the point where Rockstar tries to find this hacker and bring them to court, but we’ll have to wait and see how successful they are in that endeavour.

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