Fortnite Launches Season 4 Battle Pass Trailer

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    You have arrived at the right place if you are a Fortnite fan looking for information on Chapter 3, Season 4.

    On September 18 in the morning, Epic Games will launch Season 4 without the customary season finale. The newest season of Fortnite has arrived and transports players to a world where everything is chrome and glossy. The fourth season of Fortnite: Chapter 3 is titled Paradise and adds new abilities, weapons, and places to the game along with a new battle pass that includes skins like Spider-Gwen.

    Fortnite’s New Season Has Brand New Skins

    The largest new feature of the game is the Chrome Splash, which enables players to make walls permeable so that you can jump through them or even shoot through them if you like. Players can also use the Chrome Splash to give themselves additional abilities, such as the ability to dash through walls and midair, as well as to turn into a silvery blob while sprinting.

    More improvements are made to the map in Paradise, including the addition of the Herald’s Sanctum as a point of interest and updated features that make places like Condo Canyon float in the air. Only D-Launchers, which are dispersed over the island, will provide access to these new floating POIs. Players may also come across certain Chromified weaponry. These weapons, which can be obtained from Chrome Chests, include the EvoChrome Shotgun and EvoChrome Burst Rifle.

    The weapons’ rarity will increase as you deal more damage to adversaries, in addition to their new effects and special damage. Along with the new Chrome weapons, Epic is also bringing back a number of weapons from the arsenal from the previous season as well as some weapons that have been in the Vault for a number of seasons.

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