The Spectre Fold From HP Has Lived Up To Its Promised Wildness

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    The brand new announcement of the Spectre Fold by HP promises to be a laptop, desktop, and tablet, all rolled into one. The 3-in-1 device catches the eye, as it can transform and contort into all kinds of flexible postures. The high-end luxurious device is the latest member of the HP Spectre family. The family is famous for providing popular laptops like the Spectre x360.

    HP’s Best Yet – The Spectre Fold

    Even within the luxury series, the latest Spectre Fold has the most posh and deluxe members in the lineage. First off, it comes with a hefty price tag of $5000. Just to put the price in perspective, you can get an extremely high-end PC at that price. So, is the price justified according to the three modes?

    The Desktop mode is made possible by the Spectre Folds’ sleek kickstand as well as the detachable keyboard. The kickstand is cleverly built into the case of the laptop. This provides a display of 17 inches at a tilt of 120 degrees. According to HP, users can take full advantage by using enhanced Windows Snap Layouts. For example, users can snap 4 windows into place, letting you see the contents of all 4 at the same time.

    In the Laptop Mode, the Spectre Fold is a notebook with a 12.3-inch display. However, the keyboard can be slid out of place, extending the display to 14 inches. This will also provide you with a second screen measuring 1.5 inches sitting above the keyboard, letting you multitask with ease. Finally, the keyboard can be completely removed to have a second 12.3-inch screen.

    Finally, in tablet mode, the device apparently measures only 0.33 inches in width – the same as that of a pencil. It is also only 2.9 pounds in weight – very lightweight considering it is a humongous 17-inch tablet that has a brilliant OLED display.

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