Utah Is Suing TikTok For Allegedly Harming Children

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    The legal disputes surrounding TikTok in the US are still ongoing. The UDCP stated on Tuesday that it will be suing the application for allegedly harming children. In its complaint, Utah likened TikTok’s “mighty algorithms plus manipulative layout features” to resembling “features of casino machines” and linked the program to gambling addiction.

    TikTok is now successful in grabbing the focus of youthful customers globally, 24 hours per day, according to the filing. Young customers become hooked on the app and are unable to stop using it as a consequence (and that is the intention behind these misleading approaches). Attorney Sean Reyes alleged in the document that by forcing users to view videos “compulsively,” the app “exploits” both youngsters and their guardians.

    Utah Believes That Parents Or Children Are Not Being Able To Identify What Kind Of Harm TikTok is Causing Them

    “The fact that the app is exploiting these kids (and their parents) to check and watch TikTok compulsively despite the app’s terrible effects on their psychological well-being, physical development, family relationships, and social lives is something that neither they nor their parents are aware of” he stated.

    “Although TikTok is quite profitable, the over usage of the app is very damaging to its young users.” Utah requested monetary fines and an injunction in the lawsuit, which was filed in court. According to the state, TikTok has engaged in “practices and deceptive acts,” including misrepresenting safety and well-being on the application, in violation of the Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act.

    The case requests a trial by jury and that the court order the business, which is controlled by ByteDance of China, to cover the legal costs of the UDCP. Spencer Cox, the governor of Utah, said in a statement that the lawsuit was the result of an “extensive investigation.” According to the statement, using the platform “interferes” with children’s wellness. It also claims that young people’s mental health concerns have risen sharply at the same time as “TikTok’s popularity has peaked.”

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