Instagram Top 9, Dropped As A Review Feature To Make You Feel Happy About Your Year

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    We have finally dropped the curtains on 2020 and stepped on the verge of New Year’s. We are sure, it is difficult to not have your Instagram Top 9 out of the millions of amazing posts you made throughout the year.

    However, there is nothing to worry about because the Instagram feed is probably brimming with people putting up their ‘top 9’. So this new and exciting feature that was previously introduced by Instagram especially for the purpose of New Year’s Eve has been dropped this year.

    Look Back At 2020 With Instagram Top 9

    This feature of Instagram Top 9 is in the form of grids that include the most liked pictures of an Instagram user throughout the preceding year. On the other hand, it is quite baffling that numerous people will be taking resort to some strange apps or sites to create a few sketchy-looking, funky photos of them.

    The main reason for people to do this is that Instagram has unable to offer any official or automated services of curating images inside the app itself. This failure on the part of Instagram has been disappointing for users.

    People who have enjoyed the Instagram Top 9 format that gives them an opportunity to look back at the year bygone through the good photos are extremely confused with this exclusion this year.

    Users usually enjoy outing up collages by collating their most favorite photos of the past year on New Year’s. It is evident in the immense popularity enjoyed by the Wrapped review feature of Spotify. This feature has been the talk of the town throughout December as users had been posting their most favorite and streamed artists, songs, and genres throughout the year.

    Although Facebook pioneered several such exciting temporary features on special occasions, it is quite shocking to see Instagram dropping this popular review feature of Instagram Top 9 as we usher 2021.

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