People’s Musical Choices On Spotify Is Being Roasted By AI Bot

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    Spotify Wrapped is the ‘end of the year’ report regarding this platform for music streaming. It is an annual tradition that gives each user using Spotify service an opportunity to post details about their taste in music on the social media platform without any concern.

    In case you are fed up with the glossy graphics along with the frequent promotional messages from Spotify, there is an exciting AI tool offered by The Pudding. This tool provides honest comments in the form of a roast that proves to be quite entertaining and apt for this holiday season and year-end.

    Spotify Users Gets Roasted By AI

    In order to access the AI tool, you have to go to the page ‘How bad is your Spotify?’ available on the website of The Pudding. This app does issue a warning regarding the limited number of users who can avail of this tool. As a result, users may have to wait for a while or try another device.

    Once you get access to your account through the tool, you will be led through a sequence of patronizing messages, asking you to claim some songs or artists. These are done in order to subtly roast the taste of your music as evident in your Spotify account.

    Eventually, the bot series will show several hyphenated phrases that will describe your choices in music. Also, it will give a ‘basic’ percent based on music choice and the musical era you are trapped inside.

    Although the bot might appear to be targeted, it is not fully personalized. A swift scan through social media will show that numerous people have been receiving similar prompts, roasts, and answers despite different choices in songs and artists.

    Many people are posting the AI bot results based on their music choices, causing a fun discussion around Spotify.

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