Legion 9i

Lenovo Legion 9i- About To Set A World Record

The Legion 9i might be a good piece of technology created by Lenovo, with its RTX 4090, and filled to the brim with all the bells and whistles that gamers desire, but does the price tag justify the laptop? One could also ask if the integrated liquid-cooling system would be worth the extremely expensive price tag or not. On the other hand, the laptop has already set a world record, in that this is the first 16-inch gaming laptop that comes with its own self-contained liquid-cooling system.

For those wondering what that is, it might sound like mambo jumbo, but it is actually quite a big deal. For those who have worked with internals, they would attest that heat is simply the biggest issue. For example, the gaming laptops made by Razer have always been considered to be light and thin, but they also have a bad reputation for overheating. This is because slim laptops and powerful CPUs and GPUs are just two extremely opposing forces. 

Legion 9i Could Be A Trendsetter

This is why most laptop companies are always wondering about fixing this- as they have no idea how to rectify the cooling conundrum. One way that CyberPower has come up with is an external liquid cooler- which it offers for its Tracer VII Series laptops. Lenovo, with its Legion 9i, has gone a step ahead. They have literally created a built-in liquid cooling system inside the laptop. 

One of the most interesting features of the Lenovo Legion 9i is the striking aesthetic present on the lid- which Lenovo calls the carbon forged top cover. This is quite similar to the familiar army design, but rather than comprising different greenish hues, the Legion would be wrapped in subtle dark-gray tones. One could also contrast this low-key aesthetic with the loud Legion logo that flashes a whole range of colors.