LG Rollable Phone Is Not On Hold, Confirms The Company

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    LG or Life’s Good electronic company was in the talks to produce an LG Rollable phone device. Recently, there were rumors swirling around that the production of these mobiles was put on hold for several reasons. The electronic-giant has now confirmed that no such thing has happened. It means the mobile device that will bear a resizable screen has not been on hold between any of this. The report comes after a source reported that the company had mentioned the part suppliers it has worked with that the production had been halted. 

    The report also claimed that LG Rollable’s development efforts could not be refunded or requested a refund. But denying this report does not necessarily confirm that the final decision is to launch the LG Rollable in 2021 as promised. And if anything, all of it is a mirror to the pandemic and the issues the firm has faced with shipping or designing, or even manufacturing the devices. Or it could also mean that the source reporting the halt was not completely correct, but not entirely wrong. 

    LG Rollable Will See The Light Of Day

    LG Electronics spoke about the LG Rollable report to another source. The person said that it could “firmly deny” all the decisions that the reports have claimed that the company has taken. He said that no such thing had “been finalized” on their mobile products for the future. In January, the company also denied another report that had claimed it was shutting down its sector of mobiles altogether. 

    The source of the rumor took down the article soon after. But then the LG Rollable firm confirmed that they were looking into something close to shutting it down, although the decisions weren’t finalized.

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