Netflix Introduces New Feature Called ‘Downloads For You’

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    Netflix, the world’s largest and most popular streaming service, is introducing a new feature. And it may just be an amazing one! What is better than offline content, anyways? It may help store offline content for users who may opt for automatic downloads. The feature is called ‘Downloads For You.’ If the option is enabled, the application will download Television shows and films that have been recommended to you on your device. And it will be on the basis of your tastes. Your watch history will help determine these downloads. 

    Netflix announced the entire catalog would be available to be downloaded. Except for their original content. But licensing restrictions may also help to block or limit the downloads of some films or shows. Of course, the streaming service already has an offline service. And it is not being replaced. It is an additional feature. Meaning the ‘Downloads For You’ will not replace the ‘Smart Downloads’ feature. The latter of these was introduced first back in 2018 around the world. And it allows subscribers to choose what they require to be downloaded offline. 

    Netflix’s New Option Was Tested

    Netflix, the favorite streaming-giant, mentioned that the ‘Downloads For You’ was first tested last year, in 2020. The catch here is it will first be available worldwide to Android subscribers. A version for iOS users is still in the works. And the original feature of 2018 is already available, handy to those who travel more. Or to people with issues of the network.  Let’s take a look at how the feature works. 

    We will be able to choose the amount of storage for the new feature by Netflix. The app recommends 1-3-5 GB. The downloads will then happen with a WiFi network connected to your device. And it will have a mix of films and shows Netflix thinks you prefer. It will start by downloading a couple of early episodes of a show to help you get started. The downloads can be cast onto your Television screen, streaming from the mobile device directly. And it can also be deleted to free some space for the next WiFi connection.

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