LG’s ‘Lightweight’ Gram Laptops To Include 11th Generation Intel Processors For An Advanced Experience

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    LG has recently made a public announcement of an exciting line-up that they have prepared and completely geared to launch in this new year of 2021. The most remarkable and thrilling products that they have planned to introduce are the Gram Laptop.

    These brand new Gram Laptops are going to feature an absolutely extraordinary design and look along with a few internal enhancements and upgrades.

    Advanced Model Of Gram Laptop

    Gram Laptops are going to have 5 models. These will be 3 clamshells which are Gram 14, Gram 16, and Gram 17. Apart from these 3 Gram models, LG is also going to introduce 2 other convertible models which include Gram 2-in-1 16 as well as Gram 2-in-1 14.

    Nonetheless, LG has not made any changes to the signature features of the Gram Laptop line-up. These laptops will be known for their astonishing lightweight feature that gives rise to the name of ‘Gram’.

    Gram 17 will be a mere 2.98 pounds which is the very same weight as its antecedent. It is very unusual for a laptop of 17-inch dimension to be less than 3 pounds. It is going to give a wholesome experience to its users.

    The 2020 LG laptop models also weighed as light as a feather. Gram 16 will be 2.62 pounds only. On the other hand, 14 is only 2.2 pounds.

    The amazing feature of the 16:10 display that was present in the Gram 17 model of 2020 is going to be carried over in the model of 2021 as well. The clamshells models will include the new 4-sided thin-bezel design that gives a 90% ratio of screen-to-body.

    The touchpad and keyboard are also enlarged for efficiency and comfort.

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